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Necrotic Tissue: It's a contender

Necrotic Tissue: It's a contender

A few days ago, I received a comp copy of Necrotic Tissue No. 9 which contains my story “The Circus.”

Loved it. And not just because it contains one of my pieces. The digest-sized magazine clocks in at around 120 pages, contains a diversity of high-quality horror prose and one of the best interviews I’ve read with Texas scribe Joe R. Lansdale. Not to mention, the colorfully grotesque cover looks pretty sharp. This mag has turned into a real contender.

It’s nice to see NT evolve from an online publication into a print pub of such high quality. Lord knows, with fewer and fewer paying outlets for short horror fiction, we need it.

A year-end apology

The Candy Skulls blog: Now with zombies!

The Candy Skulls blog: Now with zombies!

I know it’s completely, utterly and unforgivably lame that I haven’t updated my blog since Halloween. Please accept my apology for that. I simply let writing, work, my return to school and myriad projects around the house keep me away.

I’ll try to do better.

Since I’ve been incommunicado, I managed to attend my first World Fantasy Convention. I met a ton of lovely people, caught up with some old friends and saw Jeffrey Ford and Kij Johnson win well-deserved World Fantasy Awards. As it was such a positive experience, I hope to be able to keep attending World Fantasy. Although I pray the hotel next year will have a less pricy bar.

As for actual writing, I couldn’t be more happy that my story “The Circus” is appearing in the January issue of Necrotic Tissue, which has made the jump from an online to print publication. I’ve got my payment in hand, and I received a free t-shirt from the mag (my second now). Just waiting for my comp copy in the mail.

In addition, I have a zombie story — my first zombie story, come to think of it — under consideration for an anthology. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best on that. Maybe I’ll have more good news to report soon.