Thirst gets no saving throw against these babies











Looks like Mountain Dew may be losing its status as Geek Drink of Choice.

Jones Soda has rolled out Dungeons & Dragons Spellcasting Soda to bring its gourmet cane-sugar pop to the gaming table. The array of flavors includes Potion of Healing, Dwarven Draught, Sneak Attack, Illithid Brain Juice, Eldritch Blast and (personal fave) Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer.

At $10.99 a six-pack or $18.99 a 12-pack (how much is that in g.p?), it’s too rich for my blood. But the Drow Assassin figure does sweeten the deal. Throw in a Bag of Holding and I may actually spend the funds.

Spotted this one on Rene Guzman’s Geek Speak blog.

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