Time for Moorcock

moorcock1I was pleased to see Time’s Nerd World blog run a Q&A with Texas (by way of England, of course) sf/fantasy treasure Michael Moorock. Writer Lev Grossman ladels on some serious praise and pimps Mike’s new collection, The Best of Michael Moorcock.

I have to agree with Grossman when he calls Moorcock, “the writer who introduced me to the ridiculously powerful things that happen when you put a sophisticated, contemporary literary vocabulary at the service of a blackly grim high-fantasy imagination.”

Moorcock’s Elric books were among the first works of sf, fantasy and horror that I read, and I can blame him, in large part, for my subsequent immersion in the genre. Not to mention, my crackbrained dream of pursuing a writing career.

Mike’s fearless imagination and uncompromising vision certainly left a deep mark on me and countless others. Praise well deserved.

And, yes, I know the headline above sounds filthy, but perhaps it will lure in some curiousity seekers. Who knows?

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