Bollywood Masti: Take 1

What better way to start the workweek than with a little Bollywood Masti? Bollywood = South Asia’s song-and-dance-filled cinematic export. Masti = Hindi for “fun, especially of the mischievous kind.” Sounds like the perfect antidote for the Monday blues, right?

Today’s clip, “Love Mera,” is from the recent film Billu Barber, about a barber in a small village. What does the song, which appears to take place in outer space, have to do with barbers and villages? Nothing from what I can tell, but hey, that’s just the fun-filled delirium that is Bollywood. Consider it a shot of weird cinema for a blog about weird fiction.

One thought on “Bollywood Masti: Take 1

  1. Link’s broke for me. Sez “Embed. disabled by request.”

    Loved Slumdog Millionaire, though. And since, have gotten into M.I.A.

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