Sugar coating the site

You’ve probably noticed my blog now has a new look and a new name: “Candy Skulls: The Strange South Texas Fiction of Sanford Allen.”

The revamped site is a little more festive and easier on the eyes than the old black-and-gray monolith it replaces. And, hopefully, the new name’s enticing swirl of sugar and death is just the sort of thing that lures seekers of the macabre, fantastic and cheap confectionary rushes.

I also promised myself that once the redesign went live, I would start updating more frequently. Here’s hoping I can keep that promise. Send me nasty e-mails if I start slacking. Please.

Oh, yes. Big thanks to Paul Vaughn, The Graphics Guy, for the quick and incredibly hip redesign.

2 thoughts on “Sugar coating the site

  1. Props to Paul on the redesign. Now I need to get him to do one for me too. Your new digs look great, man! Way to go…

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