Still recovering from Armadillocon 30

LAZING ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON: Hanging with Michael Moorcock (left) and John Picacio (center). Photo by Linda Moorcock.

I returned Sunday from my weekend in Austin attending Armadillocon 30, and I’m still in a sleep-deprived daze. Drove up early Friday with San Antonio S.F. artist extraordinaire John Picacio, and between a writers workshop, myriad panel discussions and some late-night carousing, I didn’t get much sleep.

It was well worth it, though. Got to meet a ton of wonderful folks including Author Guest of Honor John Scalzi, Editor GOH Sheila Williams, Artist GOH David Lee Anderson and Special Guests Joe and Gay Haldeman. Hung with familiar faces like Scott A. Cupp, John Denardo, the Lansdales, Chris Roberson and the Moorcocks. And also got acquainted with some new ones, among them San Antonio horror writer Joe McKinney, Austin horror writer Lee Thomas and Lone Star Stories’ Eric Marin.

This was my first Dillocon, and it certainly won’t be my last. Great to see an S.F. convention where books, not toys, are the focus.

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