What hath Fox wrought?

I had dinner last night with fellow oddball fiction writer Scott Cupp, his wife Sandy and their pal Dwight. Scott, an avid video collector, talked up three incredibly strange-sounding (and short-lived) Fox TV series now out on DVD — “Greg the Bunny,” “Wonderfalls” and “Point Pleasant” — and sent me home with all three to view.

I must say I’m most intriqued by “Wonderfalls,” the story of a young woman who works at a Niagara Falls gift shop who suddenly starts getting unsolicited advice from talking animals. It strikes me as the kind of urban fantasy Emma Bull is so good at (and we’ll see if it delivers). But the other two also sound promisingly quirky. “Greg” is apparently about a rabbit puppet on a children’s show who is very sensitive about his puppethood, while “Point Pleasant” is a 90210 spoof about Satan’s daughter washing ashore in a lovely beach community.

Sounds like I’ve got some couch time ahead of me. I’ll report back on how well these three Fox anomalies live up to their promise of idiosyncratic splendor.

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