October issue of Necrotic Tissue

I just received word that my 100-word short story “Feels Like Love” placed 6th in online horror magazine Nectrotic Tissue’s 1st Annual 100-Bite Contest. My story and the nine other winners will appear in NT’s October issue.

I’m excited to finally land something in Necrotic Tissue. First, because the mag is quickly building a rep for itself as a great place to find dark, disturbing fiction. Second, because it’s nice to see a paying market that buys and prominently features 100-word pieces. Third, because the editors send you a nifty t-shirt if they buy one of your stories. I’ll wear it with pride.


2 thoughts on “October issue of Necrotic Tissue

  1. You’re on a roll. I am so happy for you. Very soon, you’ll be posting about a book that a publisher picked up, and I’ll tell everyone that you’re my friend. Can’t wait to read this story too. Congrats.

  2. Hey Sanford!

    I read your “the head” just now, it was great!
    Although i can’t figure out how i can sleep tonight.. grr..


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