A ton of Lovecraft

I just saw this item on San Antonio artist extraordinaire John Picacio’s blog. As one of the contributing artists to Centipede Press’ gigantic “A Lovecraft Restrospective: Artists Inspired by H.P.L.,” John just got his copy of the $400 volume. And it sounds like the thing is both massive in size and scope. Picacio and a host of amazing artists including Michael Whelan, Bob Eggleton, H.R. Giger, Bernie Wrightson and J.K. Potter all contributed their best visions of Lovecraftian things that twist and crawl. Check out the gorgeous foldout of Whelan’s grisly grey-and-red masterpiece — the one that adorned the ’80s Del Rey Lovecraft collections. And John’s spread doesn’t look too shabby either. His trademark imagination and lively use of color are in full display. Normally, I wouldn’t think about dropping 400 bones on a coffee-table book, but from the photos John posted, I may have to consider this an investment.

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